Scented Wax Melts Marshmallow Delight

Silk Oil of Morocco

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Scented Wax Melts Marshmallow Delight

The Silk Scented Wax Melts are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room's decor.  

When heated, they will diffuse a pleasant Aroma fragrance into the air.  Fresh scent for hours when melted in a wax melt warmer.

Made from natural soy wax providing a cleaner, longer burn.  Perfect for everyday use, wedding events, aromatherapy, Spa, Reiki, Meditation.

Silk Oil of Morocco Scented Wax Melts are incredibly easy to use.  Just place the melts in an electric melt or a tealight candle cup & let the aroma elevate your indoor ambiance to a whole new level.

  • Handmade in Australia with individual love & attention to detail.
  • Quality Australian Made fragrances.
  • High quality non-toxic wax.
  • Available in 24 beautiful fragrances.


Top Notes :        Lemon & Orange.

Middle Notes :  Jasmine & Rose.

Base Notes :      Musk & Vanilla.


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