I AM WOMAN Luxury Body Cream

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I AM WOMAN Luxury Body Cream

SPF 15  -  Actively Hydrating  -  Protective  -  Suitable for Sensitive Skin  -  Anti-Ageing  -  Dermatologically Tested

A richly moisturising body lotion suffused with the iconic I AM WOMAN fragrance.

Massaged into the skin the fragrance will create a beautiful & lasting scented aura, whilst with the CONTRA TIME complex being at the heart of the formulation.

Fragrance in a body lotion builds a delicious scented layer over the skin & leaves it feeling silky & soft.

More than a scented body lotion, it is formulated with the CONTRA TIME complex to Shield, Reverse & Delay the signs of ageing.   SPF 15 has been included to give an additional protective effect whilst the shield action builds in the skin.

Contains 25 Active ingredients  -  5 Anti-oxidants, 9 Anti-ageing, 11 Moisturisers

Actions :

Double shield effect.

Super moisturising.

Improves skin firmness & elasticity, texture & radiance.

Soothes, calms & helps reduce pigmentation.

Stimulates youthful cell activity.


CONTRA TIME works 24/7 at a cellular level to shield skin against the damaging effects of UVB & UVA irradiation, extremes of temperature & loss of moisture.


From the mid 20's skin begins to show the signs of time.   CONTRA TIME works to reverse these signs.


The speed & quality of cell renewal slows as we age.   As a consequence, the skin's ability to regenerate itself is impaired.   CONTRA TIME works to delay this action by stimulating ageing cells to behave like young cells.


Size : 100ml

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