CLASS ACT Lash Treatment Gel

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CLASS ACT Lash Treatment Gel

Ophthalmologically Tested.

A clear treatment gel containing a newly discovered peptide that encourages eyelashes to grow longer & fuller.   Can be used alone or underneath mascara.

2 extracts from the sea combine with 2 from plants stimulate the eyelashes to grow faster, thicker & longer.   The perfect accompaniment to the CLASS ACT Mascara.

Proven to stimulate growth action, promote lash thickness & encourage healthier, fuller lashes adding an extra 1mm growth per month.   Try on eyebrows that are thin, patchy or over plucked.

Test results*  -  169% longer & 13% fuller after 30 days, one application per day (*Applied once a day for 30 days).


Size : 9.5ml

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