Belove Passion Home & Office Glass Crystal Bottle


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Belove Passion Home & Office Glass Crystal Bottle

Belove Passion


Few gemstones are as striking as the Garnet with its deep shades of red stirring images of passion.   This gemstone embodies will power, strength, courage & hope & is tipped for good quality of life & a boost to your energy.   Garnet is believed to support good circulation, strong muscles & improved metabolism & is thought to improve your immune system function.   Rock Crystal is an all-round health enhancer & also magnifies the effects of the Garnet  -  what a great combination.

You cannot use your own gemstones, but you can unscrew the cap at the base of the bottles, unclip the gem chamber and replace it with a different one. 

The gem chambers for glass bottles can be bought individually.   

Durable, lead free Borosilicate Glass   -   BPA Free   -   25cm in height, holds approximately 500ml


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