Belove Glow Home & Office Glass Crystal Bottle


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Belove Glow Home & Office Glass Crystal Bottle

Belove Glow


This mixture of three powerful stones packs a punch!   Rose Quartz embodies love.   Amethyst inner peace.   Aventurine peace & rest.   This makes Glow water all about the Zen.   The health & wellbeing benefits of these three gemstones are said to include heart health, skin health (hence the Glow), relief from stress & the promotion of restful sleep.   It’s the perfect combination to bring a little peace to your life & to create a little shine.

You cannot use your own gemstones, but you can unscrew the cap at the base of the bottles, unclip the gem chamber and replace it with a different one. 

The gem chambers for glass bottles can be bought individually.   

Durable, lead free Borosilicate Glass   -   BPA Free   -   25cm in height, holds approximately 500ml


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