Amethyst Woven Chip Bracelet

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Amethyst Woven Chip Bracelet

This is a beautiful Amethyst Woven Chip Bracelet.

Amethyst is said to aid with visualization & meditation, it is a very powerful stone with a high spiritual vibration.

Amethyst connects the physical plane with the higher realm, making it a good choice when working with the Third Eye Chakra.

Amethyst provides a wonderful peaceful energy for meditations & helps with developing intuition & psychic abilities.

There are many things Amethyst is believed to aid with as it assists in strengthening & cleansing all forms of energy as it transmutes the lower energy frequencies & translates them to higher vibratory energy.

The Amethyst is believed to be beneficial to the mind by either relaxing or stimulating wherever is appropriate, controlling focus to where it needs to be & allowing thoughts that are unnecessary to be eradicated.   This allows it to be a helpful aid in decision-making & understanding allowing one to achieve realistic goals.   It is thought to stabilise emotions connecting with all Chakras & opening another reality for a heightened sense of being.


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