Letter For You Sola Flower Diffusers

These beautiful Sola Flowers, 'Letter For You' are just divine & will look simply stunning in any part of your home.  Sola Flowers are made from a short leguminous tree found in Thailand.  When removing the bark of the tree a white glossy stalk appears.  The skilful hands of the artisans then thinly slice it.  These slices are then dried & they become the beautiful petals for the Sola Flower.  Each Sola Flower is made one by one by hand.  They are a natural product, Eco friendly & Bio-degradable.  These beautiful flowers will never wilt or die.  There is no turning over or dangerous flame.  Simply place the Sola Flower into the fragrant liquid.  As the fragrant essential oils are absorbed through the cotton wick, the beautiful Sola Flower petals will change to the colour of the oil.  The beautiful aroma scent will then diffuse into the air.  The oils have a moisturising component to prevent the flower from drying.  Watching a Sola Flower change colour & its petals slowly spreading out is a unique experience.  Once the oil has been totally absorbed, you can place the coloured & perfumed Sola Flower into a vase or you can use it for pot pourri.  Sola Flowers will never wilt or die you will always have a beautiful flower.

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