BeWater Gemstone Crystal Bottles

These unique, re-usable water bottles with gemstone crystals sparkling at their core.   Ancient wisdom & modern research tell of the benefits of revitalising water with gemstones.   All of the gemstones are genuine, A-grade natural stones & ethically sourced.


Your body needs water to survive & thrive!   These gorgeous BeWater Gemstone Crystal Water Bottles are all about the health benefits of staying hydrated.   Drinking the right amount of water is essential for good health.   Every cell, tissue & organ in your body needs water to work properly.   Good hydration boosts your energy & immunity, strengthens your skin & hair, flushes toxins from your body & keeps your joints moving smoothly.   Few of us really understand the extent to which we can improve our health & wellbeing with water.   It’s time to fall in love with water!


The gemstones don’t touch the water.   The energy from the gemstones charges the water regardless of the barrier.   This has long been a tradition of gemstone water as certain stones are toxic to put directly into your drinking water.

Gemstones have the amazing property that they absorb energy from light, heat & pressure & convert it into electric energy – each emitting a unique frequency.   This is why quartz is used in watches, mobile phones, radar equipment etc.

Just as putting ice all around a glass of water (heat energy) rather than in the water itself will still cool it, or shining a torch through a glass (light energy) will still light up the water, so putting gemstones around your water will still restructure it.


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